DC 12V Solar Cooler Pump Kit ( Motor + Pump + Blade + Charge Controller)


For working the Cooler (made from this Cooler Kit) from Solar, you need 12V/74W or 12V/100W Solar panel and 12V/10A Solar charge controller, both of which maybe bought from Rajivihaan . To work from Solar, additionally you need to buy these items locally, 12V/50AH or bigger battery (longer the back-up hours needed, bigger the battery needs to be), Frame/Fixture for Solar Panel, Wiring of 4 mm or thicker gauge (longer the distance between solar panel, charge controller, battery, and cooler, the thicker the wire needs to be)

  • This item is cooler kit only and includes Motor and Pump only and does not include anything else
  • Solar Cooler DC Kit – 12V/48W, for 12″ Blade Sweep .
  • Kit includes Only two items, i.e. 12V DC Motor plus 12V DC Pump suited for 12″ Sweep Blade.
  • Even fan blade NOT included because fan blade is taken as per size and shape of the cooler body, which is to be procured by the buyer locally.
  • Excludes Water piping, support/fixture for Motor, wiring internal and external to the cooler, and padding for cooler, all of which to be procured and fitted locally.
  • Please don’t connect or plug into 24V/48V DC or higher DC Voltage or 220V AC Electricity mains – This will cause electrical burns to the Motor and Pump, and make the product non-functional. This will void the Warranty.
  • Separate Priced Option of External Rajivihaan AC-DC Adapter for this Cooler Kit can be purchased from Rajivihaan to make this DC Cooler Kit work indirectly from 220V AC Mains if required. This AC-DC Adapter converts 220VAC Mains electricity supply to 12V DC and supplies 12V DC to the Cooler made from this Cooler Kit.
  • Incase for further information you can mail us at belifalmail@gmail.com or you can call on our helpline number 08080515555 /09821072175.
Size in Blade: 48″(1200mm)
Casing: Aluminum
Rated Voltage: 24V DC
Rated Current: 1.5Amp
Rated power: 36Watt
Air Delivery: 210CMM
Noice: 70dB
Rotational Sweep: 350RPM
Motor Type: DC Current, Brushless Motor
Motor Radius: 4 Inches
Weight: 3.5Kg
Regulator: Optional
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Power Consumption: 12W
Water Flow Rate: 900L/ Hour
Output Pipe Size: 1/2 inch
Working Temperature Range: 0-35°C
Approximate Dimensions: 3.8x2x3.2 inch (L×W×H)
Wire Lenght: 30 Cm Approx
Size in Blade: 12 Inches
No of Blades: 3
Adjustable Shaft Size: 6mm to 8mm


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