Solar DC Air Conditioner

Solar System Kit for your existing air coolers(200W) any company model compatible

12V DC Solar Air Cooler

High Power 12V DC Solar Air Cooler

Belifal 12V DC Solar Air Cooler

Works from Solar, Battery, AC, No Need for Inverter


Solar Air Coolers are similar to conventional air coolers but the only difference being that they run on Solar Power produced directly from the Solar Panels or from a battery. During daytime whenever sufficient sunlight is available the DC Current produced by the Solar panel directly powers the Air Cooler. In cases of low Sunshine & during the night times a battery backup is required to run the Cooler. The advantage of using such a type of cooler is that it is economical because it totally eliminates the consumption of AC power.

We are an innovative company specializing in low energy and solar powered evaporative cooling. We are proud to offer the most energy efficient line of evaporative coolers in the world.

All of our products are solar compatible and environmentally friendly and are offered in a variety of options
High efficiency DC motor operates on just 18 watts. 12 volts DC power direct from the house battery uses much less energy than AC induction motors.
A DC water pump keeps water flowing through the pad, and a separate motor runs the fan.
Installation with minimal or no duct work gives lowest wattage requirement.
Warranty is 5 years on Body, 1 year on mechanics.
To help size unit appropriately divide CFM of unit by 3 to get approximate square footage of room.

System Features
  • Runs on Sun Light
  • Highly efficient
  • Eco – User friendly, Easy to Install & Operate
  • PWM charge controller with thermal Compensation.
  • Adequate protections for load and battery.
  • Available as per customized models
  • Highly Efficient – draws around 3A current at low speed and around 5A current at High speed.
  • They are particularly effective in rooms of size 3m x 4m.
  • IF the size of the room is bigger than more than 1 No. has to be installed or a higher capacity cooler can be designed.
Includes Only Following Items:-
  • Solar DC Desert Air Cooler with Plastic Body – 14 ” Blades / Sweep, Motor , and Pump, – 12 V/64 W, – Tested with 14″ Blades for Performance, POWERFUL MOTOR used – VERY LONG LASTING
  • For working this Cooler from 220V AC Mains, you don’t need anything extra
  • For using the charging facility of this cooler, and to work this cooler from 12V DC Battery, you need to buy battery extra, which should be minimum 12V/75AH, and maximum 12V/150AH
Working of the solar cooler
  • Works from A220V AC Mains and also Charges battery when AC Mains electricity available, and works directly from discharge of 12V DC Battery without requiring Inverter when electricity not available (Battery to be procured extra by customer).
  • Thus works from any source 12V DC Solar, 220V AC Mains, or directly from 12V DC Battery (without requiring Inverter)
  • Exceptionally Efficient, Consumes only 64Watts per hour, i.e. only 1.54 kWH or 1.54 units per 24 hours of operation, which is nearly half of similar size coolers. Saving of 40% to 60%.
  • When neither Solar nor 220V AC Mains available, then works directly from Battery without Inverter, thus saving cost/investment of Inverter. More importantly, this saves electricity losses of Inverter, which can be another 30% to 40% saving.
  • Combination of high efficiency and no inverter losses means this Cooler can work upto 20 hours from 12V/150AH, 18 hours from 12V/120AH, 15 hours from 12V/100AH, and 10 hours from 12V/75AH new fully charged batteries. Takes similar hours to charge these batteries fully. (Of course as batteries get older, the standard performance degradation rules of Lead Acid Batteries Apply)